All About Oly

It is my mission to write, produce, record, and perform music,
to learn about music and art and to teach others,
and to support myself so that I can help support other artists, creators, and media.

My current solo music can be found at
I’m in a name-currently-undecided band playing bass, singing and doing other junk.

I can be found streaming games and other nonsense at
Come hang out and chat! I’m a variety streamer and I like action and exploration games,
weird games, adventure and survival games, speedruns, and more.

Some of my other work includes:
Older tunes at
Machine Of Death Soundtrack – Baby Goat
Remix of Jazzyspoon – Japantazm (Anti-Aerodynamic Remix)IDMf netlabel

More about me?

My work experience is widely varied, from clerk work in a library to retail labor,
sales, merchandising, I’ve done a little bit of theater production, recording engineering,
event organization and setup/teardown, and I can do tech or roadie work as well.

I am available to do production, writing, and performance work in the Calgary area or abroad.

I’m a huge fan, in general, of art, audio, writing, news, and media.
I love guitar pedals, animals, and good food.
I also love media criticism, and self analysis
in the contexts of personal and general history.

I play drums, guitar, bass, vocals, keyboard/piano, programming synthesizers,
assorted percussion, and any noise making tools I can get my hands on.
I’m self taught and I started learning to play music around the age of 14 or so.
I’ve always loved music and sound since I was a little kid
and I used to sing improvised songs to our cats growing up.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, at the beginning of the 90s
and lived in Barrie, Ontario for much of my youth.
I’ve lived in BC and currently I live in Alberta.