I’m Oly and this is my web presence. Yo.

I’m a musician, producer, performer and writer from Toronto who lives in Calgary.

This is still under construction.

Forthcoming features:

  • Proper links to my music online
  • Links to my social media
  • Links to cool people I’ve supported or who have supported me
  • Links to random shit that I like, recommend, find interesting, and so forth
  • Blog

I have several musical projects:

Oly – current solo project: rock, post-rock, experimental, and directions unknown
I am looking to build a full band around the new material I’m working on so if you’re in Calgary and interested give me a shout.

Ghyt Wembpang – electronic, dance, breakcore, noise, downtempo – since 2008
Metal Clan – weird queer kid raps
POMEGRANITEFOX – power ambiance, harsh noise, data mosh, drone
Superliminal Army – explosive improv duo with Proton42, on hiatus for years, bubbling under the surface for a comeback any time now


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